3 online workshops (Zoom)
These workshops are provided in Polish

In pandemic, digital culture is getting more attention than ever. The interest in virtual spaces has clearly increased, the number of users of virtual reality devices has increased, and the creators have expanded their portfolios with interactive projects dedicated to receiving in virtual and augmented reality.
Designing virtual interactive narratives, gaming experiences, AR and VR experiences has become a highly sought after and desirable skill in today’s digital age. Non-linear interactive narrative, in which the recipient has an influence on the plot and can decide how the fate of the protagonist or heroes will turn out, or the order and way of learning about the presented world, has become an increasingly common element also in cultural projects available online.

During these workshops, the participants, under the watchful eye of the creators of internationally recognized interactive narrative projects, will learn about the process of designing interactive digital stories, gaining valuable practical knowledge, which may be the first step on the way to the implementation of their own project.

More details to be found in Polish version.

The workshops are organised as part of the 4rd edition of the Krakow event, Sztuka do rzeczy – design in Krakow.