Tajny_projekt is a design studio and artistic collective. It was established in Katowice in 2017 and operates in the area of ​​new media. In its works, it combines various media and technologies, creating interactive multimedia installations, light-art, electronics, visual content, applications and audiovisual performances.

The group is inspired by the complexity of contemporary human relations with technology, cosmology, artificial intelligence and abstract art. Tajny_projekt is looking for new areas at the intersection of art and technology as well as alternative ways of expression to the available tools. The collective cooperates with numerous cultural institutions, artists, agencies and companies, and has also an artistic residency at the Silesian Museum in Katowice and Rencontres Audiovisuelles in Lille, France. The artists took part in exhibitions, conferences and festivals, both in Poland and abroad, e.g. in the Czech Republic, North Macedonia, Italy, China, Croatia and the Netherlands. These are the winners of the award in the first Polish competition for the art of artificial intelligence Digital Ars 2021.