Sevi Iko Dømochevsky is a digital artist and music producer based in Barcelona, mainly portraying surrealistic and sci-fi oriented 3d art and experimental club oriented music. Member of Mitrilo, a decentralized collective of digital scenic arts grouping some of the most cutting edge spanish producers, performers and visual artists.

Started his career as a videogame artist working for brands like Disney, Dreamworks, Mattel, CBS to then shift his focus on the music industry.

He has collaborated with artists like Grimes, Skrillex, Arca, Holly Herndon and many others, producing and directing videoclips and liveshow visuals.

Currently works full time as a 3d art director for Production Club, an L.A. based company dedicated to producing and designing massive live shows and festivals.

He is an author of the visual identity inspired by the theme of the 10th edition – GAME OVER, commissioned by Patchlab Festival in cooperation with Cervantes Institute in Krakow.