Artist and filmmaker living in London, working in the fields of virtual reality and simulation. He unifies diverse practices—CGI, audio-visual performance, gaming, and fiction—into a continuously expanding cinematic universe. He also composes soundtracks and conducts live audio-visual mixes of his works, often incorporating playthroughs of his virtual worlds. By rendering real places within fictional scenarios, his architectural environments reflect the impact of the virtual world on our perception of reality.

His works include the CGI film AIDOL (2019), the open-world video game 2065 (2018), the AI-coming-of-age story Geomancer (2017), the video essay Sinofuturism (1839-2046 AD) (2016), and Nøtel, a simulation of a fully-automated luxury hotel in collaboration with Kode9 (2015).
In 2017 he received Jerwood/FVU Award and the 2015 Dazed Emerging Artist Award.