While planning to participate in the jubilee edition of the festival, check which events are ticketed and get it before it’s sold out!
UPDATED: Sunday 10.10


10.10 | Sunday| 18:00 | Muzeum Manggha | 40 zł / SOLD OUT
A small amount of tickets will be available at the entrance, subject to availability of seats.

On Sunday evening in the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, there will be an extraordinary audiovisual concert subassemblies by Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokawa, presented for the first time in Poland. Before Kurokawa Tatsuru Arai will perform his Thermo-ton project, in which the composer uses artificial intelligence compositions. Tickets for the event Japan: Ryoichi Kurokawa | Tatsuru Arai are available via Going.


09.10 | Saturday | 19:00 | Hevre+1 | 30 zł / SOLD OUT
A small pool of tickets will be available at the entrance.

The programme includes two audiovisual performances inspired by the works of Stanislaw Lem and one with a theme referring to the feeling of the passage of time during a pandemic. That evening you will see: 

  • the premiere transmission of the generative audiovisual performance Infinite Couplet realized by the Iranian artist Ali Phi at the ARSENAL Gallery of Contemporary Art in Toronto
  • two live performances:  Mass Syndrome – an audiovisual live performance by the duo ŽAGAR AV Experience addressing the condition of the contemporary world and global dilemmas, and Sentient Ocean – the latest project by Austrian artist MONOCOLOR inspired by the intelligent ocean on the planet Solaris described in Stanislaw Lem’s novel. Tickets available from the goingapp website.


Messages To A Post Human Earth
8-10.10 | 10:00 – 17:00
Botanic Garden of the Jagiellonian University | 40 zł double ticket / SOLD OUT

Experience the unusual synergy of nature and technology during the Messages To A Post Human Earth project premiering at this year’s festival in the Botanic Garden of the Jagiellonian University. The experience is designed for couples or two – and will last 45 minutes.


Let’s take care of each other! 

For the care of all of us, based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports and the Chief Sanitary Inspector, we have prepared rules for participation in offline events organised during Patchlab Festival 2021. Two pools of tickets have been prepared for ticketed events: one for vaccinated people (80% of the total) and another for people without a current COVID-19 vaccination (20% of the total). Are you vaccinated? You might be asked to present your vaccination certificate on entry to the events, which you can download from your online Patient Account. At events we encourage you to wear a mask, disinfect your hands and keep a safe distance. 

If you observe coughing, fever or taste and smell disturbances, please stay home, protect others and contact your doctor.