In 2020, during the 3 days of the Patchlab Digital Art Festival: CONNECTED, the participants of this special – hybrid, online edition had the opportunity to experience very diverse forms of digital creativity.
In five virtual rooms, we presented a unique exhibition of 28 works in augmented and virtual reality. You could participate in a conversation with experts from the Digital Center on #newnormality, the creative use of digital tools and the impact of technology on life during the lockdown, take part in a digital safari in the game’s dystopian space and listen to stories about the struggles for a better urban future. During AVnight, we turned the living room into a private dance floor with a live act of the INSTANT duo directly from Berlin, and finally we immersed ourselves in 360 ° audiovisual compositions during the premiere of the #homeedition artistic residency effects at the 360 ​​° Gallery. In Kino: Connected, we showed experimental video forms sent by the creators during the spring lockdown, and in the ADAF Kids Cinema, children and parents could watch a selection of valuable animations at any time prepared in cooperation with the Greek Athens Digital Arts Festival.

In total, we presented the works of over 35 artists from around the world!

Check what happened during the 9th edition in a short aftermovie summary prepared for us by Kachna Baraniewicz.